How to Match a Button

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Need to Match a Button?

How to match a buttonOk, now you have done it! Your favorite shirt has lost a button. As you can see by the photo, no problem, you can easily find a match for the other buttons (If you have eyes like a Hawk). If you have lost the button, you might try to visit a sewing-supply store or look in the sofa. Trying to find a match for the missing button is not very likely, sorry! We would suggest that you will save time by replacing them all. If you have the original button, or have bought one, or a set, you are now ready to sew. In both cases, you will need to pay attention to the size and shape of the existing buttonholes so they will work with the new button[s] you plan to replace with. Nothing is worse than sewing on new buttons, only to find out that the button holes don’t match.
Or plan “B” would be to let us know when you come in that you have lost a button and we will try to help solve the problem, depending on when you want the garment back. Who knows, we may have a button that matches.