Fabric Care Symbols

Fabric Care Label Guide


Fabric Care Symbols information is provided by the U. S. Federal Trade Commission as part of Project Clean. The symbols appearing on garment labels provide care instructions from the manufacturer.

As a minimum, laundering instructions include (in order) four symbols: washing, bleaching, drying, and ironing. Dry cleaning instructions include one symbol. Additional symbols or words or both may be used to clarify the instructions. The water temperatures listed below are provided as a guideline. Actual water temperatures obtained in the home depend on washing machine settings (hot, warm, cold), regional supply temperatures, and water heater settings.

Wash Normal Normal Wash 40 - 50 Water Temperature 40C/105F (Warm)
Perm Press Permanent Press / Wrinkle Resistant Wash cool Water Temperature 30C/85F (Cold/Cool)
Wash Gentle Gentle / Delicate Warning do not wash Warning:
Do Not Wash
hand Wash Hand Wash Wash 40 - 50 Warning:
Do Not Wring
Wash hot Water Temperature 50C/120F (Hot)


Any Bleach Any Bleach (when needed) Do Not Bleach Warning:
Do Not Bleach
Wash Normal Only Non-Chlorine Bleach
(when needed)


Wash Normal Dry Line Dry Special Instructions:
Line Dry / Hang to Dry
Dry Normal Normal Wash 40 - 50 Special Instructions:
Drip Dry
Dry pp Permanent Press / Wrinkle Resistant Dry Flat Special Instructions:
Dry Flat
Dry Gentle Gentle / Delicate Dry in the Shade Special Instructions:
Dry in the Shade
Heat: High Heat Setting: High Do Not Dry Warning:
Do Not Dry 
(used with Do Not Wash)
Heat Medium Heat Setting: Medium Do Not Tumble Dry Warning:
Do Not Tumble Dry
Heat low Heat Setting: Low


Iron Iron Iron Low Low
Iron High High Do Not Iron Warning:
Do Not Iron
Iron Medium Medium No Steam Warning:
No Steam


Dry Clean Dry Clean Short Cycle Professionally Dryclean:
Short Cycle
Any Solvent Any Solvent No Steam Professionally Dryclean:
No Steam Finishing
Solvent except Trichloroethylene Dryclean – Normal Cycle:
Any Solvent except Trichloroethylene
Low Heat Professionally Dryclean:
Low Heat
Petroleum Dryclean – Normal Cycle:
Petroleum Solvent Only
Do Not Dryclean Warning:
Do Not Dryclean
Reduce Moisture Professionally Dryclean:
Reduce Moisture