Dry Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Grapevine, Texas, WCK Cleaner’s frequently asked questions we are sure date back to the days of Pompeii when early cleaners were asked a number of questions regarding the care and cleaning of robes and…. Well, maybe just robes (This is all speculation on our part, but it must be true.)   What was interesting was at the time they used lye and ammonia in early laundering and a type of clay called “fuller’s earth” to absorb soils and greases from clothing too delicate for laundering. We are sure the most often asked question has been… “Why does my skin burn when I wear my red robe?”  WCK Cleaners is proud to say that we are a “Green Dry Cleaner”.


Yes, we do still Iron Shirts with a steam iron.

With all the up-to-date equipment we have there are occasions that we still need to use a hand held steam iron to get the wrinkles out. So we got to thinking about the what going to happen this New Year’s Day when we are closed and your hand iron gets clogged. The following are helpful hints we thought about.

To clean the inside of an iron, fill the iron half full with water. Add vinegar to the hot water until it reaches the fill line of the water reservoir. This will soak out the deposits in your iron. Run the iron on hot for 15 minutes and then allow to cool for one hour. Drain the iron of the water-vinegar mixture. Important, or you will have clothes smelling like a pickle… ?

Add water to the iron and repeat the previous steps, but do not use vinegar, just plain water. Drain the iron of the water and it is ready to use. According to Hover’s website, ”Burned on starch comes off by rubbing the sole plate with a wet Mr. Clean (R) Magic Eraser. Make sure the iron is cool so you don’t burn yourself. If the plastic has been melted on your NON-STICK sole plate, it can be removed. Place a piece of aluminum foil on the ironing board and sprinkle it with salt. Ironing over the salt and foil will help loosen the plastic. Never try to scrape the plastic off with metal tools. It may permanently damage the sole plate.