Color of Clothes

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Color of Clothes

LostFile_JPG_301210624Color is one of the most important tools you can use in business, and this includes your choice of colors for the clothes you wear to work. Every day you’re in the public eye your “branding” yourself. Others are six times more likely to be influenced by the color you wear than by anything else about your appearance, including your thighs! (Important point…. :)) Interest in Color therapy dates back to the ancients in Egypt and India; many temples in Egypt were devoted to the chakras (energy centers) of the body.

While many people are aware of the impact of color in their own image and how they look to other people, what you may not be so familiar with is the psychological impact your choice of color can have on your clients and customers. This includes your choice of clothing when you meet with a client, the color of the room you are in or your surroundings, the color of the car you drive, and the color of any gift packs you may give them. Color has such a subconscious impact it is important to have an understanding of what it says to your client.


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Feeling Faded?


Why are my colors fading?  Well, before you blame your dry cleaner or laundry you might want to keep in mind the sun.  Yup, the sun, or rather the ultraviolet light coming from the sun as ultraviolet light can fade clothes. A good example of this is one of our long time customers came in complaining that his suit jacket collar was not the same color as the rest of his jacket and pants.  The color of the collar was a shade lighter.
After a little investigation, we found out that he was in the habit of leaving his jacket in the front seat of his car when he was working.  Over time the ultraviolet light caused the color to fade.  It’s called “photo degradation”.  Ultraviolet rays can break down the chemical bonds and thus fade the color.  Strange, but true.

My Color Vision is a great source of information on the impact color has on your life.